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Welcome to the support section.

If you have not done so already, please see this article first. It covers the basics of setting up…


The Motif and MO-series Music Production Synthesizers are as much at home on the STAGE as they are…


Added to the operating system of the Motif ES is the ability to memorize your UTILITY settings including…

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The eight Control Sliders (CS) will send System Exclusive messages in VOICE mode to control the individual…

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“MIX VOICES” are 16 special locations available in each Song MIXING and each Pattern…

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This function gives you a variety of semi-random presets (1,280 in all) for dividing the MIDI sequence…

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A quick setup guide to get going with Cubase and your Motif XF via the FW16E (firewire) option: | | | | |

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