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Welcome to the support section.

Arpeggios on the Motif Rack ES

There are 1787 arpeggios in the Motif Rack ES, exactly the same ones as in the Motif ES. There is, however, no User Arp bank. 1787 is a pretty substantial number though.

You can assign the 5 arpeggios that can be associated with a Voice, Performance or Multi to a MIDI controller. If you assign it to an assignable knob, wheel, or pedal and select “direct” then a value for that controller will change the arpeggio, as follows:

0~25 Arp 1

26~50 Arp 2

51~76 Arp 3

77~101 Arp 4

102~127 Arp 5

If you select a knob to change the Arp, like, say, the ASSIGN knobs of a Motif ES (which travels from a minimum at 7 o’clock to a maximum at 5 o’clock) then 7-9 o’clock will call up Arp 1. From 9-11 o’clock (Arp 2), 11-1 o’clock (Arp 3), 1-3 o’clock (Arp 4) and 3-5 o’clock (Arp 5) etc.
Alternatively you can select “inc” or increment, where any value sent from the assigned controller will increment the arpeggios in order from lowest to highest. The actual value for that controller will not matter. This would be useful from a controller keyboard that had an assignable switch or button, or from a sequencer.