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Viewing topic "MIDI Bank, Preset, Changes on ES from Keyboard"

Posted on: January 23, 2023 @ 06:39 AM
Total Posts:  17
Joined  01-10-2006
status: Regular

Roland Juno 88 going out to a 1x12 to several units.
I can play and control with piano all the notes on all units.
On factory resets, the Korg Triton, Integra-7 and the Rack XS all allow presets and some allow bank changes from the Juno rotary knob, +/- buttons and some bank buttons.

BUT… not for the ES.  I’ve fiddled with the MIDI settings.
Selections are set to ON.
Devices match.
BasicRcvCh matches.

I’ve even gone Omni when allowed the choice.
It seems nothing I do will allow it to be controlled by the Keyboard.
Yet… It plays all the patch notes via MIDI.

Am I missing something very basic that isn’t Factory Set to allow these controls?

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