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Viewing topic "Motif-Rack ES Midi Probles!!!"

Posted on: August 18, 2022 @ 11:34 AM
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Joined  08-18-2022
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I am asking the help of this forum with the following conflict:

I own a kronos 2 keyboard and a MPC X. The kronos is handling all of my music patches and the MPC X is strictly handling my drum kits. I want to add the motif-rack into the chain flow coming from my DAW. I have 2 midi outputs coming from the MIDIMAN USBB 2x2. Originally Output A went to the Kronos and Output B went to the MPC X. NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL!!!! All was well. Now I wish to add the sound module into the loop to take advantage of some of the Yamaha sounds and when I add the sound module into the mix I must use the midi thru to allow the other midi channels to reach the correct device. BUT if I USE the Output that was going directly to the MPC X for the MOTIF-RACK ES and then use the MIDI THRU from the sound module, the drums play as expected BUT the sound module is playing the notes from the selected patches on the sound module within the MPC X and I get the original drums PLUS the multitrack patch all playing drums samples and not playing the patches from within the sound module.

I have turned off the receive for channel 10 in the sound module and I have turned off all references to midi channel 10 in the sound module but it still continues to play the drum kit from the MPC X as opposed to its own internal sounds. If I use MIDI OUT the internal sounds from the module play fine BUT now the MPC X doesn’t sound at all. Please help!!!In the middle of a recording session and can’t get this figured out.

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