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Viewing topic "Power Bank available for S90ES, ES rack, & MO6/8"

Posted on: January 26, 2009 @ 03:45 PM
Total Posts:  1291
Joined  09-12-2002
status: Guru

I have replaced the user waves in Power Bank with all preset waves so it is now available in the Editor file format for the above keyboards & rack. I tweaked the preset waves so they are very close to the original user waves I used. I also created an All file with the preset waves for those who do not have memory in their ES and cannot load user waves.

Keep in mind that the Editor file will not load the 10 Performances for the S90ES, ES rack or MO6/8, only the 128 voices will load. 

Demo’s can be heard on the 2 previous posts “New Voice Bank”


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