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Latin Spice MIDI loops on Motif

How to use MIDI loops on the Yamaha Motif. This video shows you ten different creative things you can do with just 12 loops taken from Keyfax NewMedia's Latin Spice collection of MIDI loops.

Motif Drums and Percussion Patterns

A brief explanatory video for Keyfax NewMedia's acclaimed Twiddly.Bits MIDI loop library Drums & Percussion in Motif XF format.

Introduction from Discovering the Yamaha MOX DVD

Section 1 from the Discovering the Yamaha MOX DVD, covering basic setup.

Chick Corea Talks About His Mark V Sample Library

Please enjoy this special interview with Chick Corea.

Performance Creator section from Discovering the Yamaha MOX DVD

How to use the Performance Creator from Discovering the Yamaha MOX DVD.

Dave Polich demonstrates strumming voices on the Acoustic Steel Guitar sample library

Watch this Dave Polich video and learn about the Acoustic Steel Guitar voice library.

Bert on the MOX at MESSE

See Bert demo the MOX in this exclusive video from the Frankfurt show.

MOX Sound Engine

Demo of the MOX Sound Engine featuring Yamaha's Bert Smorenburg.

Motif XF Flash Memory Video

Watch this Motif XF Flash Memory video and learn about Motif XF file management.

Download the

Motif XF Flash Memory Introduction Video

Motif XF Flash Memory video introduction featuring Athan Billias.

Inspiration Comes In A Flash

The new Motif XF!

Inspiration Comes In A Flash

Visit to register for more information.

Thanks for the memories

Xpand Your World with memory for your Motif XS/ES/Classic!

Have you ever wanted to take samples or use sample-based voice banks with your Yamaha Motif? Here's the first step, loading memory!!!

This short video (3:17m) shows how to load your Memory Expansion Kit into your Yamaha Motif XS [Featured is MEK 1GB (XS & ES only), but is applicable for the MEK 512MB (XS & ES only) and MEK 64MB (Classic only) as well].

The Yamaha Motif series does not have memory installed at the factory. Memory allows recording and use of samples and certain sample-based voice banks.

Our memory has been tested to be the correct spec for your keyboard, has a LIFETIME guarantee AND, best of all, has video instructions on!!! Enjoy.

Check out and buy memory at:

Motif XS & ES
MEK 512MB -

Motif Classic
MEK 64 MB -

Using MIDI Gates

Loading and using MIDI Gates on the Motif. (This video was created using the original Motif.)

S90 XS/ S70 XS Released

S90 XS/ S70 XS video release.

Tim Swartz previews the Digital Sound Factory XSpanded sample libraries

Duration: 7:19.
Sound Designer Tim Swartz talks about and demonstrates sounds from his Digital Sound Factory sample libraries featured in the XSPand Your World promotion.

Digital Sound Factory World XSpedition Demo (90 mb) - Free Download

The World XSpedition Demo includes ethnic instruments from around the world including instruments from Africa, Europe, India, Japan the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Digital Sound Factory Symphonic XStrings Demo (83 mb) - Free Download

For more from Digital Sound Factory check out the for sale version of Digital Sound Factory World XSpedition (448mb) and the Digital Sound Factory Steinway Grand (370mb). The 350 mb for sale version of the Symphonic XStrings will be available shortly.

XSpanded Content Part 3

Duration: 5:12.
XSpand Your World samples in action. Bank #3, from Sonic Reality, features Guitar and Bass samples plus 64 Ethnic Voices from WaveROM.

View different articulations and the wavecycle feature. Presenter: Athan Billias. Filmed at the Keyfax NewMedia studios Dec 2008.

XSpanded Content Part 2

Duration 2:56.
XSpand Your World samples in action. Bank #2 from Yamaha’s own voicing team in Japan features both analog and digital weirdness. Presenter: Athan Billias.

XSpanded Content Part 1

Duration 6:59
XSpand Your World samples in action. Bank #1 featuring Yamaha’s S90 Piano, vocal scat samples, choirs, plus woodwind, brass, and string orchestral samples. Presenter Athan Billias.

Loading Voices

Duration: 5:56
How to load new Voices on your Motif / Motif ES series instrument. Also covered is this S90 / S90 ES.

MO 6/8 Overview

Duration: 8:09
Overview of the MO 6 and MO 8 keyboards taken from the Go Mo DVD.

BC3 Breath Controller and VL Board

Duration: 4:07
Using the BC3A breath controller with the VL Board. Clip from the Get Motifated Part 3 DVD made in 2002. Presented by Tony Escueta, the host instrument is the original Motif.

XSpand Your World - the new

Duration: 4:40
Yamaha US’s Athan Billias previews the XSPand Your World free downloadable sample banks and talks about 2009 software updates and releases.

MM8 Overview

MM8 Overview

Motif Rack XS Overview

Duration: 5:37
Yamaha introduces the Motif Rack XS in this 2008 promo video.

XS Master Class: Customizing Guitar

Duration: 8:58
A scene from the Motif XS MasterClass DVD, taking a detailed look at customizing guitar sounds: from programming tips, to amp simulation, to using real time controllers. Filmed in 2007 and presented by Tony Escueta.

Motif XS Master Class Preview

Duration: 12: 59
Gem of a scene from the Motif XS MasterClass DVD featuring Phil Clendeninn; detailing the creation of a complete pattern or multi-part groove from scratch.

XS DVD Outtake: Voice Editing

Duration: 10:31
Invaluable outtake from the classic World Of Motif XS DVD that examines voice editing. Presented by Athan Billias.

XS DVD Excerpt: Creating Arps

Duration: 11:59
Scene from the classic World Of Motif XS DVD looking at how to create your own 'user' arpeggios. Presented by Athan Billias.

Motif XS Play FX

Duration: 10:00
Blake Angelos gives an invaluable tutorial on using the Play FX feature.

Motif XS DVD - Behind the Scenes

Duration: 2:53
A behind the scenes look at the making of the World Of Motif XS DVD. Presented by Athan Billias.

Bert Smorenburg on the Motif XS - NAMM ‘07

Duration: 6:51
Irrepressible Dutch maestro Bert Smorenburg previews the Motif XS at the Winter NAMM show in California, Jan 2007.

Ellis Hall on the Motif XS - NAMM ‘07

Duration: 3:05
Soul / gospel great Ellis Hall plays the Motif XS for the first time at the Winter NAMM show in California, Jan 2007.

About the Yamaha Motif XS

Duration: 1: 06
Motif XS powerhouse sounds and features are seen and heard for the first time here in this official promo video produced for the Winter NAMM show in California, Jan 2007.

About the Yamaha MM6

Duration: 2:56
The MM6 is previewed in this stylish promo video for the 'Mini Mo' made for the Winter NAMM show in 2007.

Choosing Arpeggios on the ES

Athan Billias talks about selecting arpeggios and arpeggio categories on the Motif ES

Arpeggios on the ES

Athan Billias demonstrates: change timing, using multiple arps in a voice, "performance editing", and using key modes and play fx.

PLG150-AN: Syncing Arpeggios

Phil Clendeninn discusses syncing internal arpeggios with those on the PL:G150-AN board