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Tweak of the Week: VOICE: Vintage ‘74

Tweak of the Week Series

PRESET 1: 022(B06) Vintage ‘74

This classic Rhodes Voice (a perennial Motif-series favorite) has been updated. It is now a 6 Element Voice (obviously in all previous units you were limited to just 4 Elements by the nature of the architecture). However, from the Data List you see that it is still a single Element at a time Voice (a 4-way velocity swap). So, as before, when first called up, only a single note of polyphony is used for each note you play.

Added at Element 5 (the Fifth Element) is KEY OFF sound. This Element only sounds when a note is released giving a nice soft ‘thunk’ familiar to all Rhodes aficionados. And as an alternate tonal quality, Element 6 which you can activate by pressing [AF2] (Assignable Function 2), “AF2 ON”; This adds a completely different timbre to this classic sound - sort of a synth pad tone; the Element is called “Dark Light”. (At this point you would have 2 Elements at a time)

Playing it:
First, you will notice that the AUTO PAN speed is a little bit faster than in previous Motif units (of course, you can adjust this rather easily). The “HALL 1” Reverb is replaced with the “SPX HALL” Reverb. SPX HALL is an algorithm derived from the Yamaha SPX1000 studio multi-effect processor.

[AF1] is set to control the AUTO PAN - basically when engaged it functionally defeats the L/R panning effect for the main Rhodes Elements
[AF2] As mentioned brings in the synth pad tone under the electric piano sound (subtle but effective)

When both [AF1] and [AF2] are engaged the timbre of the Vintage ‘74 is different. The movement in the VOICE is no longer from the AUTO PAN of the Rhodes Elements but is derived from the harmonic swirl of the synth pad tone. This gives a wonderful contrast to the Voice versus when you first engage it. All of this is customizable (of course).

So in application, if during the Verse of a song you need the basic (classic) Vintage ‘74 sound you’ve got it, however, if during the Bridge or Chorus of your song you want to change the timbre slightly, press both [AF1]/[AF2] - now you have the Rhodes with the movement in the sound from the pad - very cool!

A new spin on a old favorite!