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Welcome to the support section.

Setting up XS/XF Vocoder 1-2-3!

Setting up to use the Motif XS/XF Vocoder is easy. Here are the three easy steps. Before you get started , please read this.

Serious WARNING: In general keep the output of your Motif XS/XF slightly lower than normal so that when the Vocoder comes on you do not split your head open with LOUD output. It is better to start soft and turn up, then to turn up first, blow your ears out and then try can get your hearing back. Please trust us on this…

Step 1: Setup the microphone
Plug in a dynamic microphone to the Left AD INPUT jack
Set the MIC/LINE parameter to MIC
Press [F2] I/O
Turn the GAIN knob on the back panel clockwise to increase the level until you can hear yourself comfortably.

Step 2: Route the microphone to the INSERT EFFECT
Press [VOICE] to enter Voice mode
Press [F4] VOICE AUDIO - here we will route the microphone to the LARGE INSERTION effect (the Vocoder).
Press [SF1] OUTPUT
Set the MONO/STEREO parameter = L mono
Set the OUTPUT SELECT = INS L (insert large) - this will route the microphone instead of to the stereo output, it will route it internally through the Vocoder


Step 3: Call up a Vocoder Voice
Press [VOICE] to return to Voice mode
Press [PRE 8]
Press [H]
Press [13]

This will recall the Voice PRE 8: 125(H13) Vocoder with Delay

Done.... now when you speak into the microphone and play the keyboard you will hear the microphone input encoded onto the synth Voice H13. You can play it with 128 note polyphony…

The following four Voices are already setup for Vocoder use…
PRE 8: 125(H13) Vocoder with Delay
PRE 8: 126(H14) Funky Vocoder
PRE 8: 127(H15) Vocoder Pad 1
PRE 8: 128(H16) Vocoder Pad 2