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Ribbon Controller-Hold or Reset

The Ribbon controller is back! This controller can be worked easily while you play with your left hand and can be programmed to stay where you last left it or return to the original setting. Like all controllers it can be setup to control a variety of parameters and, of course, depending on what you have selected to control, you can decide on which action you prefer. The Ribbon controller defaults to sending Control Change message 22 (CC022), you assign what this is controlling in a CONTROL SET on a per Voice basis.  As with most controllers, the assignment to a CC# is global for Voice mode, is on a per Performance basis in Performance mode, and is on a per MIX basis when in Song or Pattern modes. Whether the Ribbon holds or resets is also global for Voice mode (UTILITY> F3 VOICE> SF4 CTL ASN); is on a per Performance basis in Performance mode (EDIT> COMMON> F4 CTL ASN); and is on a per MIX basis in Song or Pattern mode (EDIT> COMMON> F4 CTL ASN).

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