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Welcome to the support section.

MOTIF XS OS Updater V1.12

Download Motif XS OS Updater V1.12

New features

Solved problems;
- Fixed a problem in which the user Waveforms assigned to the Mixing Voices cannot be loaded to the MOTIF XS if you saved the Mixing Voices in the Song mode/Pattern mode as a file type other than “all.”

- Fixed a problem in which the ASSIGN1/2 knob operations in the Song data affect the current Part as well as the Parts specified as the channels for control by MIDI Control Change messages when the Song plays back.

- Fixed a problem in which the wrong Insertion Effect might be selected unexpectedly and could not be corrected by changing the program number of the Performance/Song/Pattern/Master or by changing the mode, depending on both the parameter settings before and those after changing.

- When updating from V1.07 or older to V1.12, all User data (User Voices, User Performances, Songs and so on) will be initialized.
Please make sure that you save all User data to a USB storage device or to a computer connected to the same network before performing this update.

How to check the version of your MOTIF XS
1. Push [UTILITY] to enter the Utility mode.
2. Push [UTILITY], [Cursor Up] and [F1] buttons simultaneously.
The following message will appear:

Current Version
MOTIF XS Firmware Version *.**.*
MOTIF XS Kernel Version ************
MOTIF XS Contents Version ****

The unit’s version is indicated by “ MOTIF XS Firmware Version *.**.* “
Only the numbers up to the two decimal places after the first dot are important in reading the version number, you can ignore the numbers after the second dot.
Ex.) 1.04.1=1.04, 1.05.6=1.05
Press the [EXIT] button to exit version information.

Required Items
- One USB memory device of over 128MB capacity formatted on the MOTIF XS

- This updater is only for the MOTIF XS synthesizer.
- This updater is to be used at the user’s own risk.
- All User data and Performance data will be initialized by this updater. Please make sure that you back up all User data before performing this update.
- The unit may become inoperable if the electrical supply is interrupted while running the updater (by pulling out the AC cord, etc.). If this happens, run the updater again from the first step.
- If the unit does not function after running the updater, please contact your nearest Yamaha service center.
Yamaha Global Directory

If you use MOTIF XS with Steinberg DAW, following updates are recommended for more complete integration.

1. Extensions for Steinberg DAW V1.4.1
- Extensions for Steinberg DAW V1.4.1 for Windows Vista/XP
- Extensions for Steinberg DAW V1.4.1 for Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

2. Studio Manager V2.3.0 and MOTIF XS Editor V1.1.1
- Studio Manager V2.3.0 for Windows Vista/XP
- Studio Manager V2.3.0 for Mac OS X
- MOTIF XS Editor V1.1.1 for Windows Vista/XP
- MOTIF XS Editor V1.1.1 for Mac OS X

3. MOTIF XS AI Driver V1.6.3
- MOTIF XS AI Driver V1.6.3 for Windows Vista/XP
- MOTIF XS AI Driver V1.6.3 for Mac OS X