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Welcome to the support section.

Motif XS Newbie

Congratulations! You did it. You’ve picked up not only the most advanced but also the most inspired keyboard workstation around.

If you’ve recently traded up from a Motif ES or Motif (“classic”) shouldn’t need much introduction even though we have recently had a complete makeover. If you’re brand new to the World of Motif then, first, a real big, Hi and Welcome!

Click on the Motif XS support tab above and the full scope of what’s available on the site will drop down. There’s tons of web videos, audio demos, written tutorials, and of course the complete owner’s manuals.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. A lot more.

First, create a User Profile.

This one process opens the door to so much else on the site. You’ll be able to:

· Post in the forums.
· Upload your music (free, with no fuss, and comment on other people’s).
· Automatically receive update notices about your instrument.
· Receive regular mailers on all sorts of yummy new products, and special offers.

Second, did you get some Memory?

To make use of most of the free voices Yamaha’s currently providing (on the DVD, and on this site), plus to sample, connect a mic, or plug in a guitar – all of which are extremely cool possibilities - you do need to add DIMM memory to your Motif XS. Memory is not memory is not memory…. Some memory works, some doesn’t. Here on the MotifMart we sell guaranteed to work (first time) memory. Why take the risk of shopping elsewhere?

Third, check out what else is in The Store.

This is no WallMart, or even Starbucks. The Store on is a store just for you. That’s right. You: someone who owns a Motif series instrument. How cool is that?

In the store you’ll find everything from custom cases and covers, to pedals, doodads, widgets, gadgets, voice and sample libraries, editors, custom loop libraries, and more. Many Motif owners have even gone on to produce products we sell in the Store. Your Motif might even become your meal ticket!

And finally, go say ‘Hi’ in the forums.

The so-named Motiforum is simply the friendliest, most helpful, and most populated keyboard product forum on the web, and has been for more than six years. Ask questions, get ideas, trade ideas, make friends… it’s all there.

Click here to read some Newbie Tech Tips.