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Welcome to the support section.

The Basics of Loading Different File Types on the Motif XS

FILE MANAGEMENT: Context Sensitive
The Motif XS file system is context sensitive. What this means is that only the options that can actually be executed currently, are shown. In other words, you can only load a SONG file, if you are in SONG mode; you can only load a PATTERN file, if you are in PATTERN mode. That is the “context”

When attempting to load a VOICE TYPE file you will only see FOLDERS and Files that contain or could contain Motif XS data. ‘Folders’ are shown because virtually anything could be in a Folder. But only ‘Files’ that actually contain VOICE data will be listed.

That is what context sensitivity means in this instance. So if you have one Folder and in it are MicroSoft Word documents (.doc) and Acrobat PDF documents (.pdf)… The Folder will appear but if you then highlight and enter that folder - it will appear to be empty (because as far as the Motif XS is concerned, there are no files in that folder that it can use).

If you have a second Folder and in it are Motif XS ALL data (.X0A), ALL Voice (.X0V), ALL SONG (.X0S), ALL PATTERN (.X0P), etc. These will likely appear because the Motif XS can deal with them… Which ones appear will be totally a function of the mode you were in when you pressed the [FILE] button.

Let’s look at FILE > TYPE = VOICE… the Motif XS will list all Folders on the USB drive (because as mentioned they could contain pertinent data)… It will only show the following types Files when you open the FOLDER:
*.X0A (ALL) files - because you can load a single VOICE from within an ALL data file
*.X0V (ALL VOICE) files - because you can load a single VOICE from within an ALL VOICE data file.

The option “[SF2] LOAD” will only appear when you have actually highlighted a FILE name that can actually be loaded.

So if you highlight a FOLDER… the word “Load” does not appear - you cannot actually load a folder… you can “open” a folder and look at its contents. But you cannot “load” a folder.

When you actually highlight a file that can be loaded into the current Motif XS mode, then and only then, will the word “Load” appear above [SF2].

If you are are only seeing “[SF3] RENAME”, “[SF4] DELETE” and “[SF5] NEW DIR” this means you have highlighted something that cannot be loaded currently.... you have probably highlighted something that can be “opened”.


For example, if you highlight an ALL data file (.X0A) and you have the TYPE = VOICE… You have not specified exactly ‘what’ from that ALL data file you want to load. You will see the ALL data files listed in the Directory, however, if you press ENTER that ALL data file will “open” to reveal a list of individual VOICES within that file.

Once you ENTER the .X0A file then Press USER 1, USER 2, USER 3 or USER DR to view the list of Voices.

Select (highlight) an individual VOICE from the list and up pops the word “LOAD” because now the context is proper for you to load that Voice to the target location (indicated at the bottom of the screen.