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Welcome to the support section.

MOTIF XS AI Driver V1.1.3 (Mac OS X Universal Binary)

Download Motif XS AI Driver V1.13 (Mac OS X Universal Binary)

To use this driver you need to have an mLAN16E2 installed in your MOTIF XS6, MOTIF XS7 or MOTIF-RACK XS.  The Motif XS8 comes with the Firewire card pre-installed.
This driver is a peer to peer driver that enables you to connect a single n8, n12 or mLAN16E2 to a computer and transfer audio/MIDI signals via an IEEE1394 cable.

If you want to use more than one device, please download and install the Yamaha Steinberg Firewire Driver.  This is a parallell peer to peer driver and allows you to connect up to three devices
( any combination of Motif XS, Motif XS rack, N Series or Steinberg MR816 Audio Interfaces) to your computer and use them at the same time.

When using a laptop or notebook computer, a built-in IEEE1394 terminal may not be available. If this is the case, install an appropriate PC interface card.

1394 Chip Set Compatible with MOTIF XS
- AGERE FW323-05
- AGERE FW323-06
- TI TSB12LV23 + PHY
- TI TSB12LV26 + TSB41AB03
- TI TSB43AB22/A
- TI TSB43AB23
- VIA VT6306
The manufacturer may alter the above mentioned Chip Set without notice. Depending on the change, there’s a possibility of it not working properly with MOTIF XS.

1394 Chip Set NOT Compatible with MOTIF XS
- NEC D72873GC
- NEC D72874GC
- NEC uPD72874

[Recommended System Requirements]

-Frequency/resolution: 44.1KHz/24-bit
-Audio playback tracks: 16
-Audio recording tracks: 1
-MIDI playback tracks: 18
-MIDI Remote Control / Automation Send -effects (plug-in): 3
-Insert effects (plug-in): 9
-Plug-in software synthesizer: 2
-Latency: about 6 msec

[Minimum system requirements]

-Frequency/resolution: 44.1KHz/24-bit
-Audio playback tracks: 15
-MIDI Remote Control / Automation Send -effects (plug-in): 3
-Insert effects (plug-in): 9
-Plug-in software synthesizer: none
-Latency: about 50 msec

System Requirements For Macintosh OS X
OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Hard Disk: Free disk space of 100 MB or more; highspeed hard disk

Recommended system requirements (*1)
CPU: G5 2.3 GHz Dual or Core Duo 1.83 GHz or higher
Available Memory: 1 GB or more

Minimum system requirements (*1)
CPU: G4 1 GHz or higher
Available Memory: 512 MB or more

*1 The recommended/minimum system requirements listed here apply when playing the audio/MIDI data described below on a typical DAW. This may differ depending on the particular DAW you are using.

[Recommended system requirements]

-Frequency/resolution: 44.1 kHz/24 bit
- Audio playback tracks: 16
- Audio recording tracks: 1
- MIDI playback tracks: 18
- MIDI Remote Control/Automation
- Send effects (plug-in): 3
- Insert effects (plug-in): 9
- Plug-in synthesizer: 2
- Latency: about 5 msec

[Minimum system requirements]

- Frequency/resolution: 44.1 kHz/24 bit
- Audio playback tracks: 15
- MIDI Remote Control/Automation
- Send effects (plug-in): 3
- Insert effects (plug-in): 9
- Plug-in synthesizer: none
- Latency: about 50 msec

Updated Contents For Macintosh OS X
[V1.1.2 to V1.1.3]
- The driver now supports the MOTIF-RACK XS installed mLAN16E2.
- Solved the problem that the Connection Manager might freeze when certain eight-core models has been connected.
- Solved some minor problems.