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Welcome to the support section.


“MIX VOICES” are 16 special locations available in each Song MIXING and each Pattern MIXING program. Each internal PART that contains a Voice has the potential to be fully edited while you remain in the MIXING mode (except those recorded to the Integrated Sampling Sequencer). From the MIXING quick access screen you will see “VCE EDIT” or Voice Edit above the [F6] button. This will drop you into full Voice Edit without having to go back to Voice mode. Normal Voices (i.e, non-Drum Kit Voices) can be converted into what Yamaha calles a MIX VOICE. Drum Kit Voices must be stored to the special USER Drum bank. Voices recorded to the ISS, must be converted to a normal Voice first.


Press [F6] VCE EDIT
Make any changes you want to the Voice
Press [STORE]

You will be offered one of 16 MIX VOICE locations local to the current MIXING program. For example, if you are Voice Editing the Voice in PART 5 of your MIXING program, when you press [STORE] you will be offered MIXV = 005(A05)


This is convenient for when you want to change the INSERTION EFFECT or the controller assigned to a PART or make some other edit beyond the Mix mode offsets. When you drop into this VOICE EDIT area you are not changing the original VOICE. You are editing and creating a new variation of that Voice. You have the opportunity to save it to a new location ‘within’ the current SONG MIX or PATTERN MIX… or you can save it back to the general pool of Voices (USER 1, USER 2, USER 3 or USER 4).

This newly edited Voice can be stored in the MIXV (or Mixing Voice) bank. Each Song and each Pattern will have 16 such locations available for your edits. However, there is a maximum of 256 Mixing Voices for the entire instrument. This can be like having two additional banks of Voices available and it really allows you to freely customize the normal instrument sounds for the current Song or Pattern you are working with at the time. These Mixing Voices are ‘local’ to the Song or Pattern they are created in and will be saved when you save an ALL SONG (if you are in SONG mode) or an ALL PATTERN (if you are in PATTERN mode). They will also reload when you reload the individual SONG or PATTERN. This means that you do not have to restore the VOICE to a USER location in order to ensure your correctly modified Voice is present - it will be local to the current song or pattern.

If you wish to move a MIXING VOICE out of the ‘local’ SONG or PATTERN it is associated with you simply need to do the following:

_ Go to the [MIXING] screen
_ Select the PART containing the Mixing Voice you wish to move
_ Press [F6] VCE EDIT - to drop into full Voice Edit on this Voice
_ Press [STORE]
Now you can target any USER 1, USER 2, USER 3 or USER 4 location.


The significance of moving the Voice from the MIX VOICE bank to one of the general USER banks is that now the Voice is available for use in VOICE mode, in PERFORMANCE mode, or in any other SONG or PATTERN. The USER 1, 2 3 and 4 banks are considered the “general population”.

There are 16 MIX VOICE location for each SONG and PATTERN MIXING program. However, there is a 256 locations maximum for the entire Motif XF. You can store any normal (non-drum) Voice as a MIX VOICE by pressing the [F6] VCE EDIT button while viewing the main [MIXING] screen. And while you can now EDIT Drum Kit Voices this way, they must be stored to full USER DRUM kit locations (not as MIX VOICES).

New in the Motif XF, if the VOICE assigned to a PART was recorded using the (ISS) Integrated Sampler, it can be converted to a normal Voice by pressing [F6] VCE CONV (or Voice Convert). After this conversion, it, too, can be made a MIX VOICE.

While in this special VOICE EDIT area you are able to manage your MIXING VOICES:
You will be able to press the [JOB] button to gain access to [F2] RECALL (the last edited), [F3] COPY (from one SONG/PATTERN to another), or [F4] DELETE (individual or groups of 16) MIXING Voices. Additionally, when [INFO] appears above the [SF6] button you will be able to gather information about the current and total MIX VOICE status.