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Welcome to the support section.

How to load a Bank of 128 Voices

If you have different Voice libraries , you may want to load a Bank of 128 Voices into one of the 3 User Banks and then load a different Bank of 128 voices in another User Bank.

Here is a step by setep of how to do that.

First, to review there are different file types in the Motif XS.

FILE TYPE = ALL (.X0A) loads everything back, as saved
FILE TYPE = ALL VOICE (.X0V) loads all three banks of USER Voices and the USER DR bank.

FILE > TYPE = VOICE allows you to load a single Voice from an ALL (.X0A) or from an ALL VOICE (.X0V) file type.

But did you know… The FILE TYPE = VOICE also allows you to load all 128 Voices from a source bank to a target bank in your internal Motif XS.

Here’s how and an example:

Press [FILE]
Select Load TYPE = “VOICE”
Move the cursor up by pressing the [<] LEFT cursor arrow to the DIR area and then using either the [INC/YES] or the DATA WHEEL highlight the file you want to load.

(shown below): The ALL data file “B’sKnees.X0A” is selected in the Directory

Press [ENTER] to open that File and see a list of the Voices in it. Initially you will see a list of Voices in [USER 1] and the [USER 1] L.E.D. will be lit.

Use the front panel buttons [USER 1], [USER 2], [USER 3] or [USER DR] to select the list of 128 contained in the file.

In the example below, taken from DCP Library B’sKnees - the principal organ Voices are in USER 3… by pressing [USER 3] you can view a list of the Voices in the file.

Move down pressing the [>] RIGHT cursor arrow to the bottom of the screen and then using the DATA WHEEL set the target bank location…

If loading a single Voice you target a single USR 1, USR 2, USR 3 or UDR location, 001~128; however if you want to load the entire 128 organ Voices from [USER 3] list of the B’sKnees library, highlight the number location and use the DATA WHEEL (clockwise) until you pass 128 and select “all”. Shown below:

This will take all 128 Voices in the File you selected and point them to the 128 locations of the internal USER Bank or 32 User Drum locations you have selected.

Rinse and repeat for the other banks as you desire.... If the Library contains RAM samples, the Motif XS will automatically take care of renumbering the Waveforms so that the Voices play properly.