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How many sounds are in the XS?

From the first glance that you get at those 8 Preset Banks of know you are in for a late night!
This instrument has so many sounds for many. many different kinds of players.
While I was out running the other day I started thinking about that common question I often get when introducing someone to a new synth- “How many sounds does it have?”

Not only are there lots of presets in the Motif XS but each sound could be programmed to change or be effected by any of the control knobs, the ribbon, the mod wheel, or the assignable function button.
The Motif XS has 8 preset voice banks of 128= 1024 Voices.
If one were to audition each Voice for 15 seconds ( like that’s really enough!) and tweak every knob, button, wheel and ribbon - keep in mind only 15 seconds per Voice....You would get through all of the Presets in about 4 hours and 15 minutes. IF you would dare to play each for twice as long ( 30 seconds) are looking at a good 8 and a half hours!

As if that is isn’t enough each Pattern or Song Mix has 16 Mix Voices so every song or pattern can have it’s own voices that get saved with the Song/Pattern so the number of sounds is actually limitless.

What is amazing about this instrument is the scope of sounds, some I’ll use always...maybe some I never will… but between the Voices and’s just a time vacuum. An hour goes by in no time.
It’s honestly been quite a challenge deciding which sounds to highlight when doing product training and clinics. Needless to favorites QUITE long!