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Welcome to the support section.

CONVERTING Motif ES and MO6/MO8 Data to the Motif XS

If you planning to get the new innovative Motif XS (and we hope you will) and you currently own a Motif ES or MO6/MO8, then you will want to read through this article. It covers what you will need to do to successfully import your data from those products to the new XS. The majority of the data will load into the XS – you will want to select new Voices in some cases as the XS has many new sounds – so if sounding exactly the same is your goal, your mileage will vary. After all, the Motif XS is a new synthesizer – if it were not, there would be no reason for you to be buying it. Once you have converted and selected new sounds and effects (the effect-processing chip is different), we are confident your sound will be better. One thing for sure, 80% of the work will be done automatically. This article will point out some of the issues so you can be aware of where the differences lie.

Voices will translate because of a sophisticated “lookup” function in the XS that finds an appropriate substitute waveform. Therefore, Voice data is compatible (although effect substitutions can cause the sound to be radically altered). It is data like Performances, Mixing setups, and Master programs that do not store the actual data but instead point to Preset or User locations for the actual data, that present the challenge here. In other words, a Performance could point to 3 Preset Voices and a Drum Kit with its four PARTS. The actual Voices in the locations must be the same for the Performance to play properly. The same is true for Mixing setups, and Master programs. They do not have the actual data only “pointers” to the data. Preset Voices are going to be in different locations. This article will detail how you can optimize the translation.

Download the PDF article and Voice files containing all the PRESETS of the Motif ES and MO6/MO8 in Motif XS format: