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Welcome to the support section.

Assigning PARTS to Outputs on the XS-

Assigning individual PARTS to OUTPUTS is easily done as follows:

In SONG mode or PATTERN mode
Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press a Track Select button [1]-[16] to select the PART you want to work with
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF2] OUTPUT
Here you can assign each PART to the different OUTPUTS.
The parameter is called OUTPUT SELECT.

The normal default setting is L&R , so that all Parts come out the Main L&R analog Outputs.
Your options for use with the analog outputs are:
L&R;- you can use the PART PAN control to send something more left or more right
asL&R;- Assignable Left and Right as a stereo pair
asL - Assignable Left
asR - Assignable Right

If you have the mLAN16E2 Firewire card installed (or a Motif XS8), your output choices are expanded to include:
m1&2, m3&4, m5&6, m7&8, m9&10, m11&12, m13&14 (7 odd/even stereo pairs in addition to the main L&R) and m1, m2, m3 .....m14 ( up to 14 mono outputs).