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Welcome to the support section.

Advanced Applications Tutorial Motif XF: XA Control

This application tutorial (click link below to download the zipped tutorial) describes how to setup seamless transition from one Voice to another while playing and explores alternate assignments for controllers and some unique uses for XA Control functions.

(XA CONTROL is Expanded Articulation Control - an Element parameter that allows for dynamic switching of active multi-samples within a Voice. For example, it can be used to switch a bowed string orchestra to a orchestra pizzicato or to switch a polyphonic sound to a legato (mono) behavior).

About the included Files (zipped):
• Seamless Transition.X3S – this ALL SONG file will load your XF sequencer with 3 “songs”. Select Track Select 1 in order to play them properly. It contains the three example “songs” – there is no music data, per se, just the PARTS setup and saved as MIXING VOICES.

Also included are Motif XF Editor versions of these same three setups:
• PianoStringPad.X3E
• PianoFC2 StringAF1.X3E
• 2Splits&Piano.X3E

Alternatively, you use the Editor files, which can be opened in the Motif XF Editor and sent via MIDI (USB-MIDI or Firewire-MIDI).
As explained in the article the data was created by editing Voices, then placing those Voices in an XF Performance. The Performance was then imported into a SONG setup and MIXING VOICES created from the data. The only reason this was done was to not take up multiple Voice locations in your USER banks just to try this data. You are given all the information to create the Voices and Performances yourself.