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Viewing topic "(.X0A) file problem"

Posted on: April 02, 2024 @ 02:37 AM
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Joined  02-26-2021
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Hi all,
I’ve come across an anomaly in the XS that I just can’t seem to cure, or maybe I’m missing something here.

Was converting some Motif ES patches (.W7A and .W8A) to XS ones by using the file load and then the file save on the XS hardware, as (.X0A) files. But when I try to load the (.X0A) file to the Standalone/VST editor it fails with a message box named “Song Select” with the text “File Open Error. No Song Data” and the file fails to load. Can anyone confirm this behaviour please and how can it be resolved?

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Posted on: April 12, 2024 @ 04:22 AM
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Joined  02-26-2021
status: Regular

As a resolution to my original question I think I’ve found the answer. It doesn’t matter whether the (.X0A) file contains waveforms or not, the reason why the files throw up an error is because the (.XOA) file truly contains no “song” data.

Because there is no “song” data the file refuses to load and instead points to an error. I have found that entering some song data, even just the name of a song cures the problem and the (.X0A) file loads without error. As a resolution I usually set the song name to the same as the (.X0A) file name so when the file is loaded it shows the (.X0A) name.

To enter some song data I did the following:

x. Load a (.W7A) or an (.X0A) file from the USB device by pressing “load” tab.

x. Once loaded press the song button.

x. Highlight the song name by pressing right cursor if the song needs to be

x. Press “Chr” tab in right hand bottom corner to enter the name of the song then press “enter” to set.

x. Press store. It will bring up song store dialogue. Press enter to confirm.

x. Press “file” button choose type “all” and press “save” tab.

x. Enter name or just press “enter” to set.

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