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Viewing topic "MOTIF XF - looking to import user samples and performances from MOXF and Motif ES"

Posted on: April 01, 2024 @ 07:59 PM
Yamaha Ced
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Joined  03-31-2024
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Hi, is this possible? I just bought a Motif XF.. My friend who owns a MOXF is going to send me his “set” or user library as Yamaha calls it from his MOXF. I am not interested in appregios or sequencer files or song files. ONLY the user voices and performances made from his user samples on the MOXF.

Is this doable?

Also, can I load user multisamples from a Motif ES into the XF?

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Posted on: April 08, 2024 @ 08:02 AM
- Henry -
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I don’t have the instruments to test this on, but according to the Motif XF manual, you’ll be able to load Motif ES and XS samples and voices directly from a USB drive.

The MOXF, however, is a newer instrument than the Motif XF. It is backwards compatible with some Motif XF file types, but not the other way around (unless the Motif XF editor software has some trick up its sleeve that I’m not aware of).

- H -

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