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Viewing topic "How to map midi drum controller pads to XS8 keys?"

Posted on: February 14, 2024 @ 04:09 AM
Total Posts:  8
Joined  06-30-2023
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Hello, Motif folks!
I’m trying to successfully add a midi drum pad in standalone mode to my Motif XS8.  I want to use the pads on a midi pad controller, like my Akai MPC Studio Professional slimline, or the M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro I just ordered (used) off eBay.  I have the Motif XS8 data list and I see what specific drums are mapped to specific keys on my Motif XS8.  I have already tried to use my MPC Studio Professional slimline with my Motif XS8.  I can get midi signal from my XS8 which shows up in the Akai MPC 2.0 software, but I can’t get signal from the MPC Studio drum pad into my XS8.
I would like to not have to use my Windows 10 computer that has my Akai MPC software and just use my Windows 7 machine, the Trigger Finger Pro, if possible and my XS8.

I have my Motif XS8 connected to my Steinberg MR816x through FireWire and have it all working in Cubase 6 Ai on my Windows 7 computer that is dedicated to my XS8.

I’m wondering how to patch, say pad 1 on my Trigger Finger Pro to the C0 key on my XS8 so that would play the bass drum in my Jazz drum kit.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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