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Viewing topic "SOLVED:  MOTIF XF VST in ABLETON midi is coming in, but no sound/playback."

Posted on: January 31, 2024 @ 07:02 PM
Keith Wagner
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Hi, help please with getting audio from the Motif XF VST working in Ableton.

I have a Motif XF 8 and Ableton.  I have the Motif XF VST installed.  I can get the midi signal to come into the VST (I can see the input side of the VST lite up, and I can see the keys moving on the keyboard inside the VST, I can make the XF change instruments by changing the instruments in the VST).  But the output indicator on the right-hand side of the VST will not lite up, and I can’t figure out how to assign or get any sound from the VST routed back into Ableton or how to add automations after I’ve laid down a midi track.

Have read the manual many times over (which is only for cubase of course) and I generally know my way around Ableton.  I have also read the general post here on the step by step VST setup process.  And I still don’t have something right.  It’s probably just one obvious patch, button or switch, but I can’t quite figure it out.

Please, can anybody here help me?

UPDATE/SOLUTION:  I think I’ve solved it...finally, after 10 years of attempts!  Posting this “update/solution” here as an update in case anybody else in the future has had the same troubles with making a midi clip in Ableton drive a Motif XF through the MOTIF XF VST (so you can do things like automate the cutoff and resonance of the playback using the MOTIF XF VST in realtime in an Ableton Project):

I finally figured out, it requires 3 separate tracks/lanes in Ableton to make it work.

Track 1 (MIDI): Load in the MOTIF XF VST, and figure how to use the “setup” in the VST to link the VST to the physical Motif keyboard.  Good luck to you.  That alone is is an accomplishment getting the two talking with each other (make sure you find the Midi input on the Motif (Utility then F5) and switch it to FW. You will know you have finally got it when the “setup” takes a moment to “sync.” When it’s connected, you should be able to switch the voice on the VST and see the Motif bring up the same voice on its screen.

Track 2 (AUDIO - ARM RECORD): Load a blank Audio Track. Set the input to the stereo input pair your Motif Keyboard main return is on (usually stereo in 1&2;, you should see those light up and hear the keyboard play normally when through that channel).

Then, and this was what I finally suddenly stumbled upon today after years of failed attempts, not sure why I even thought to try it: 

Track 3 (MIDI): Load ANOTHER midi track.  Why?  I have no freaking idea. This is what took me 10 years to figure out:  In Ableton, even though the MOTIF VST Track is a midi track and is clearly receiving the midi signal, you dont use it to play or record anything(!). 

Instead? you have to use a separate midi track to play midi or play back recorded midi clips, which is routed into an audio track that has the Motif Keyboard audio sends in record mode.  The MOTIF XF VST midi track is a CONTROLLER track ONLY for things like selecting voices and gives you mappable automation lanes/controls (after you map the VST’s internal controls into the Ableton VST window) for your favorite knobs on the XF inside of your Ableton Project.

With the byzantine steps I had to take to get it working, I am sure I have left a detail out somewhere in terms of the internal settings on the XF-8 or something.  But here is the takeaway:  I am here to tell you YES you can *absolutely* get the MOTIF XF VST to drive and automate your MOTIF XF Keyboard for projects in Ableton, by mapping the XF Keyboard’s controls through the VST, so that you can draw or record in automation using a controller like Push, or use an LFO to modulate the Motif controllers in real time (like cutoff, resonance, attack, etc) from automation lanes in Ableton.

So, if anybody else out there winds up scratching their head someday about how to get a Motif XF, the Motif XF VST, and Ableton all talking to each other:  It can be done.  And it takes 3 tracks in Ableton.  One for the MOTIF XF VST.  One for the Audio from your keyboard.  And one for the midi source (keyboard/loop whatever) that will drive the Motif channel.  The MOTIF XF VST channel is not used to do anything except babysit the MOTIVE XF VST once you have managed to get it speaking with your MOTIF keyboard and to hold any automation lanes or devices to control the Motif through the VST.

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