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Viewing topic "Load W7a/W8a files into XF"

Posted on: January 16, 2024 @ 08:33 PM
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In some posts, it was said that you can load a W7A file (from the ES) into the XF. In the XF editor, it only accepts W7E (editor) files. I thought that maybe the ES editor could convert to the W7E format but it doesn’t do that.

Any way to make use of the W7A / W8A files or is it a dead end?

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Posted on: January 17, 2024 @ 09:55 AM
- Henry -
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I don’t have an XF, but the Reference Manual clearly says that the Motif XF will load .w7a/.w8a file pairs created on a Motif ES directly using USB storage (p.236). Have you tried this?

You are correct in that the .w7a/.w8a file formats can not be read by the XF Editor (the same is true for the ES Voice Editor, by the way). This does not render the files useless, though; It just means that the files are meant to be loaded on the instrument instead of your computer.

Therefore, to access the data of your .w7a/.w8a files with the XF Editor, you must load the files on your Motif first, and then bulk transfer the voice data from the instrument to the computer using the XF Editor. You can then work with the voices in the editor, and save them in its own file format (.x3e) for computer backup.

- H -

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