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Viewing topic "XS8 - electric guitar tones too “fat” and too “skinny” for solo sound that I want"

Posted on: December 19, 2023 @ 07:19 PM
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Joined  08-08-2020
status: Newcomer

Hi, I want a classic guitar solo sound in my piece, but the guitar voices sound too fat or too thin to me, if that makes sense.  I’ve gone through all the original and Axxe guitar voices to find something and I just can’t.  I’ve tried meddling with the Effects and the equalizer settings to no avail.  I’m not anything close to an expert with the XS8 as I’m an amateur musician with not enough time to learn all the incredible features.  Examples: I use “Hard Ramp AS1&2;” in the piece which sounds incredible played in chords, but it’s too “fat” as solo.  “Light Blues AD1&2;” is too thin.  “Carlos” voice is amazing but too much built-in echo.  I want a simple, fairly clean classic lead guitar voice.  All the guitar voices are amazing, but this one requirement seems to be a gap (likely in my ability to use the Motif properly) I realize these are very subjective descriptions.

Anyway, my question is:  what settings or type of settings should I experiment with to affect the tone as I’ve described it?


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