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Viewing topic "Cubase 12 & Motif XS performance"

Posted on: December 13, 2023 @ 01:27 AM
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Joined  10-21-2010
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It’s been a while since I visited this forum - I hope it is still active and I hope somebody may be able to help me.

I currently run Cubase 12 on Windows and I have a Motif XS8 (mLan/firewire) hooked up, using the FW driver.

In the distance past I used to be able to record a MOTIF XS performance to a MIDI track in Cubase with the channel selected as “ANY”. This would result in the various performance arpeggio sections being recorded to a single MIDI track/part. l would then “Dissolve” the MIDI part within Cubase to achieve separate MIDI tracks with individual instruments.

I CANNOT, having spent hours and hours trying, recall the set up I need on Motif XS and within Cubase. I have searched many articles on the forum but all seem to refer to older versions of Cubase and don’t seem to translate to my current CUBASE 12 version.

Can anybody out there point me in the right direction, PLEASE?

In simple terms I want to play a performance on my Motif XS8 and record it to MIDI in CUBASE 12. It used too be a simple procedure but I seem to have lost the plot!

Would be grateful for any help or direction to where I can get instructions. Thank you soo much.


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