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Viewing topic "Ultimate Motif Music Production Partner Setup"

Posted on: August 01, 2023 @ 06:53 PM
Total Posts:  364
Joined  12-17-2013
status: Enthusiast

The Motif is a full fledged music production synthesizer.  It has a powerhouse sequencer and integrated sampler.  It has totally integrated midi editing, jobs, and event processing.  It has second to none effects including compression, limiting isolation, reverbs, ring modulators, etc.  It has on board tools that can produce a mastered stereo mix.  But if you need more advanced audio, or more than 16 tracks of simultaneous audio, the simplest and most effective partner you can get for the Motif is

On the High End

Tascam Sonic View Digital Recorder/Mixer

For those a little more price aware

Tascam DP 32/24 SD Multitrack Recorder

All you need is your Motif and one of these and you’ve got complete midi and audio music production, without getting bogged down in all of that computer, audio interface, plugin, subscription service, dongle, upgraded path mumbo jumbo.

Its all about the music.  Its all about the songs.  The Motif is one of the best music production synthesizers ever produced and it is easily recorded, mixed and mastered on any of the Tascam Portastudios or the Sonicview( if you have the budget).

There are other really nice hardware multitrack recorders out there., I post links to the tascam stuff because thats what I use in my studio and I can personally vouch for their quality, ease of use, and appropriateness for the Motif.

Sure the DAWs are important tools for Sound Engineers, perhaps even studio producers.  But for Motif instrumentalists, performers, song writers, Multitrack recorders are the simplest, and most effective, and fastest way to get your music, songs, recorded, mixed, mastered, and distributed!

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