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Viewing topic "mLan - Need help with my Motif XS8 decision to keep or not and mLan success? in 2023"

Posted on: July 15, 2023 @ 07:18 AM
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Joined  06-30-2023
status: Newcomer

Hello, wonderful Motif XS folks!
I could really use your help, recommendations and experience with the Motif and mLan.
How successful have you been getting mLan and the XS to work with FireWire (Midi and Audio) with Windows XP Professional and Cubase?
I am a guitar player/singer/songwriter who likes to also write on keyboard.
I purchased a used Motif XS8 from Guitar Center, June 28, 2023.  I have until July 28, 2023 to decide if I want to keep it or return it.  I have enjoyed getting to work with this fine synthesizer / workstation and it is amazing.  It does have a couple sticky keys that I will fix, if I keep it, (already bought the keys, springs and rubber pads).
My intent with the XS8 is to write music and sequence/tweak with Cubase, when necessary but I really don’t want to use a DAW for much of my song creation. I have PreSonus StudioOne (subscription) on my Windows 10 computer and it is HORRIBLE for song creation. After 6 years with StudioOne, I hate writing with it - just not conducive to good workflow and songwriting.  I did buy Kontakt and spent a bunch of money on VSTs but the Motif XS8 is just more user friendly in my opinion.

I am building two dedicated Cubase editing Windows XP Professional computers with FireWire, one with Service Pack 1 and one with Service Pack 2 with the intent to run Midi and Audio through FireWire. I also have EMU internal sound cards.
Yes, I will still send audio to my computers through the 1/4 audio cables for recording. I have another XP Professional computer that I use to load sounds into my Roland JV-1080 modules through SysEx and it works, perfectly.

I have posted on Motif XS groups on Facebook about mLan and asked how successful people have been with connecting/recording Midi and Audio through FireWire but received no responses.

Am I wasting my time with my XS8?  I have a deadline and must decide, very soon.
Is there another, affordable Yamaha like the XS8 that will allow me all that it can do but is much better at connecting?
I spent $1669.20.
I cannot afford a Montage.
I would appreciate to hear about your experiences and recommendations.

Don W.

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