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Viewing topic "Motif 6 midi help please"

Posted on: May 30, 2023 @ 04:56 AM
Total Posts:  14
Joined  04-15-2003
status: Regular

I have a motif 6. I downloaded a midi song. I loaded it and it plays fine. It’s been years since I edited midi songs so I forgot the following process, please help. I want to edit the midi song. I want to edit the voices, tempo etc but anything I try just goes back to what was there when I first loaded the file. I know there are steps to prep a midi file to be edited but I forgot. I’m doing this only on the keyboard. Nothing to do with Cubase or anything else. Please help. Thanks!

- I also searched the forums but couldn’t find the info I need. If it’s already here which I’m sure it is please point me to it.

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