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Viewing topic "Mixing mode XF8 questions"

Posted on: March 09, 2023 @ 01:00 AM
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Joined  06-04-2012
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I understand that you can create a 4 voice sound in Performance mode and that if I want to create a sound that has more than 4 voices, I can use song mode, then mixing mode to accomplish this. I see that you can assign the midi channel of multiple voices to the same number to get these multiple voices to all play at the same time from the keyboard. However, when I move one of the faders (in this case Ive chosen 6 different voices, all set to Midi channel 1) all the voices that are on the same channel move the faders on the XF8 song mixing board as if they are grouped. Is it possible to have many voices be playable from the keyboard, on the same midi channel, at the same time, but have individual fader control of each voice? in the same way that I do when I’ve created a 4 voice Performance sound, allowing individual fader moves to each of the 4 voices in the Performance?
I’d like to make fader moves on the fly as I’m performing, but need each fader to only affect that particular voice.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer advice!

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