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Viewing topic "Convert Pattern/Song-Mixing into Performance ?"

Posted on: February 09, 2023 @ 08:25 AM
Total Posts:  13
Joined  10-16-2007
status: Regular

Hi guys,

is it somehow possible to convert a pattern/song mixing into a performance ?
(Of course considering the limitation to max. 4 parts) ?


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Posted on: February 10, 2023 @ 04:01 AM
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Joined  06-18-2008
status: Experienced

Hi Roland

I am afraid that this is not possible: You can copy the settings of a Performance to another Performance (Performance Copy function, p. 160 of the manual) or the settings of a Performance to a Mixing (p. 237).
However there is no Job to copy the settings of a Mixing to a Performance (probably just because of the limitations of the Performance). So you have to “copy” the settings manually.

Best regards, hobbit

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