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Viewing topic "Playing the MOXF with my Roland PK-5 foot pedal"

Posted on: January 24, 2023 @ 11:40 AM
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Joined  05-03-2022
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Hello. My goal is to have three voices (performance mode) layered on the keyboard and the fourth controlled by the Roland PK-5 foot pedal, presumably on a different MIDI channel. I’ve made myself crazy trying to make this work with Master Mode. I could make this a fourth part in the performance and limit the keys, but that will take away a part of the keyboard I need for one of the other parts. As sophisticated as this keyboard is, I remain confident this is possible, but I can find nothing that speaks to it. I did have an excellent article on Master Mode bookmarked that might have led to a clue, but it seems to have been removed forever.

Any advice or hint in the right direction is greatly appreciated!

Giant thanks in advance!

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