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Viewing topic "What do these musical terms mean in 2022??"

Posted on: September 19, 2022 @ 07:09 PM
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Joined  12-17-2013
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It almost seems like each music genre has its own definitions.
The EDM genre has one set of definitions, the Hip Hop community has another and so on.  I was amazed to see so many definitions for words that I thought the music industry had official definitions for.

So is it just the folks I’m bumpin into, or have definitions changed everywhere?

In 2022 what are the official definitions for the terms:

A and R

These terms have very different meanings depending on who you’re talking to and which genre of music they’re into.

For example in one major genre of music the Producer is the person who creates a complete musical motif inside a DAW using plugins and VSTs, so that it can be used as the basis for either a rapper, vocalist, or another producer’s musical motif DAW performance.  In this genre the idea of record Producer as it was used prior to 2000 is not a thing LOL.

And the phrase ‘making a beat’ or ‘cookin a beat’ may or may not involve drums or any other percussion instruments.  In some genres the phrase ‘making a beat’ refers to creating a 4,8, or 16 bar motif consisting of 2 to as many as 8 different sounds, instruments or samples.  In 2022 beats are usually made completely in a DAW, MPC, Maschine+, or Roland SP404 MkII

Does the music industry have official definition of these terms or do we just go with the flow.......

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