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Viewing topic "Yamaha MODX+ Coming?"

Posted on: August 29, 2022 @ 08:34 PM
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Rumors are that the MODX+ is coming.  An update to the MODX that adds more polyphony for the FM-X engine, and more user storage. 

Note: the Montage/MODX still don’t match Motif’s 2 GIG or 4 GIG (3rd Party) User Flash possibilties LOL

Does the new MODX+ mean the end of the Montage?  Now that the MODX+ more or less matches the specs of the Montage will we see the Montage discontinued?

There is also a rumor that Yamaha may be adding an AN-X virtual analog engine to the Montage/MODX+

I’m not quite sure whether adding virtual analog would really add any new sonic capabilities to the Montage/MODX given the power of AWM2 to produce any sound that virtual analog can produce.

The Yamaha Motif family of synthesizers (which includes Montage LOL) has taken the synthesizer to a level that pretty much has sound synthesis covered (in its entirety)

In the context of a “musical performance” a Motif is capable of producing every sound that any analog synthesizer can produce and thousands of sounds that cannot be produced on any analog synthesizer.  For those that own a Motif or Montage and truly understand the synth engines in those instruments there are no sounds that are out of reach.

However it would be nice for Yamaha to add to Montage/MODX+

MPE features
Midi 2.0 compatibility
Midi Score capabilities
On board 32 track sequencing
Color and Theme Customization for the User Interface
Yamaha VL (Physical Modeling) algorithms

Motif controlling a Montage/MODX through Motif Master Mode is probably the best synth Rig one could have in 2022 LOL!!!!

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Posted on: September 01, 2022 @ 03:09 PM
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