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Viewing topic "Motif XS 6 went out of tune and i cant put it back in tune."

Posted on: August 16, 2022 @ 04:08 AM
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Joined  08-16-2022
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Hello everyone!

I own a Motif xs6 and after about 1/2 years of working fine. I went to my daw like I always do to produce some music. And to my suprise the whole motif xs6 had gone out of tune, its hard to say by how much, but a rough estimate its about up 90 cents.

First off im not very skilled in using the pitch bend yet, ive used it here and there but in no way have i used it to the point where it would break.
I have got the motif xs editor setup in fl studio, also works great. But the motif itself and the editor tells me its tuned to 440hz. And i dont see any problems with the pitch wheel, it still pitches up and down by 2 semitones without problems.
I’ve restarted the motif, unplugged the power cable, restarted the computer. Nothing seems to work, the motif thinks its set to 440hz. This is happening to every voice pretty much across the board on the motif.

Worth noting, I dont have any extra things installed, all i have is a few banks off sounds that Í load up manually through the Motif xs Editor every time i restart the Motif, and replace the sounds in the USR 1-3 banks with the sounds that i downloaded.

I looked around for answers about 2 days now and im absolutely clueless.

Maybe someone knows what’s going on here, thank you in advance.

Edit for those that dont want to read all that:

My motif xs 6 says its tuned to 440 hz but in reality the master output is off by about 90cents. Im not touching the pitcwheel, and ive tried restarting everything and the problem still there, right when i turn it on. It does not go back and forth, it seems to be stuck at that pitch.

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Posted on: August 16, 2022 @ 01:49 PM
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Joined  08-16-2022
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So, i was trying to fix it for like 2 hours and gave up because nothing was working. I come back a few hours later thinking im going to make some music without the motif. Play a note and i thought wait that doesnt sound detuned, Low and behold it has magically been put back to normal pitch. This is super weird. Why did it jump to another pitch for 2 days and now its back to normal?

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Posted on: January 27, 2023 @ 01:39 AM
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Joined  02-28-2017
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Hi there!

had a similar issue once.

In my case the culprit was the Pitchwheel:
Most probably dust had accumulated inside the housing and the electronics did read wrong values.
Moving the Pitchwheel solved the Problem. In Addition, i used some compresed Air afterwards, dunno if that was any Help.


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