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Viewing topic "Help with MOXF Sequencer"

Posted on: March 14, 2022 @ 12:33 AM
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Joined  03-14-2022
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Hello everyone,

I’m the proud new owner of a used MOXF8, which I bought primarily for the excellent sequencer, arps and guitar sounds. There’s a few things I’m struggling with though, which I’m really hoping the knowledgable folks here could help with (I haven’t found the manual particularly helpful).

- How do you record mix automation changes in the Song sequencer? I’m aware that you can use scenes, but is there a way to record a volume fade, or changing effects parameters in real time? Is there a way to record scene changes in realtime whilst playing another track? 6 scenes isn’t a lot, so I’m wondering if there’s another way
- The pattern mode doesn’t have scenes - how do you achieve the same thing?

As an example, i used the Performance to Song function to record a sequence, and mid-way throughm y performance I tuned Master effects off. I was surprised to discover this wasn’t recorded.

One other thing: I’m ware you can use the 8 knobs to access Pan and Volume for the first four tracks, is there a way to use the knobs to adjust the pan and volume of the other 12 tracks?

Thanks in advance,

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