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Viewing topic "John Melas MOX Total Librarian: Organizing / Cherry Picking user sounds"

Posted on: December 25, 2021 @ 02:40 AM
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Joined  02-22-2012
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Hi everyone

I want to cherry pick library sounds from different user bank voice libraries (M4V files) to make one library and then download them to the MOX6.

I checked out John Melas application, Unfortunately you can’t load these M4V packages into the application, I assume I would have to load them via the USB cable from the keyboard.

Questions I want to know

After I load the library package that I want to cherry pick from in MOX6 I’m afraid of overriding a library bank number that I want to keep in Librarian when I transfer from one of the voice packages I have loaded from the MOX 6.  Is there a good way to ensure that I’m uploading to a bank that I want to override?

Or In librarian, is there way to store user voices individually to your computer?  I didn’t see anyway to do this.  This would be ideal b/c then I can mix and match files from various voice packages (m4V files).


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