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Viewing topic "MOTIF Rack’s internal samples are distorted"

Posted on: November 23, 2021 @ 02:33 AM
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Joined  11-23-2021
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Hello! I am currently experiencing an issue with a MOTIF-Rack I bought about a year ago now. It was purchased off an auction, and when I first received it, it worked wondrously! However, I’ve noticed an increasingly worsening problem; the samples in certain patches are becoming distorted. More than half of the patches are affected, and here are some of the examples:

-A majority of the main piano samples are fine, except for a few in the lower to mid range, where instead of a piano sound, various string sounds from the string ensemble patches are heard instead, in increasing pitch. Kind of like its pulling audio from a completely different part of the sample memory(?).
-Specific layers on layered instruments are distorted. For example, “Piano Ooh”, a piano and choir combo, has a ton of the choir samples distorted, but the piano is mostly OK.
-Many synth patches, because of their shorter waveform samples (my guess), are the most distorted, usually a bunch of white noise with no coherent pitch.

Half the library is pretty much unusable. Brass, synth, drums, multi instruments… few patches are untouched from this glitch.

My MOTIF worked fine for the first few months. When this problem first started occurring, it disappeared after a couple minutes of play, somehow.

But now, leaving the MOTIF on for an extended period time, these distortions don’t correct themselves. I have tried resets, and attempted to diagnose a problem with the test mode; nothing of help. Obviously, something is wrong with the hardware here, but I’m not synth savvy in the slightest here, so I don’t know steps I should take.

The most I have done “taking apart” my MOTIF is installing two PLG boards. I will have no clue what any of the internal parts of the synth do at a glance, but I am able to learn.

Any direction towards helping solve this would be massively appreciated! The attached file is a demo of the piano, scrolling through keyboards, to the synth bell sounds.

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