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Viewing topic "Remote Control from ES to Cubase 5.0 , settings"

Posted on: September 07, 2021 @ 11:48 AM
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Joined  08-23-2021
status: Newcomer

Hello, all motif´ler

here are the facts to my problem above:

OS mac 10.6 Snowleopard , i-mac , (first generation with intel processor, may be that is part of the problem ?)

Cubase Version 5.5.0

have set the ES to usb (general A, port 4), usb cable to mac;

in cubase: installed usb midi driver , 1.2.2.;installed Studio manager and Voice editor without problems; i think , multipart editor and plg board editor are installed , too.

in cubase, studio manager appear, can be open , and ES Workspace is present, can can be opened; ES ports can be adressed and changed ;

when switching ES in remote modus, trying the sequenzer transport knobs, i get a midi signal in cubase , but no transport funktion?

i wonder how to set midi ports in the right way: have try to set midi in in cubase to channel 4 and and out to 1 - and VV; dont work ; have try to get remote transport to work over setting mmc in Cubase menue “project syncronisation”; dont work; have a look in cubase menue “quick controls”, seems like “generic Controller “, dont know, how to set here the right way?

may be also, the things have to be done in a wrong sequenz?

any help would be welcome; can make some screenshots , if it would help. regards, Martin

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