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Viewing topic "Problem using the created arpeggio"

Posted on: August 29, 2021 @ 08:31 PM
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Joined  08-29-2021
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Problem using the created arpeggio.

To play I need a PAD - a c3-D3-g3 chord.
And the bass sequence is c3-D3-G3-g3 - c3-D3-g3-f3

I create my own arpeggio for the bass part:
1. Select a pattern, track 1.
2. I play the bass part. I will keep this.
3. JOB - PUT TRACK TO ARP - (Root C3, OrgNote).
4. Then in the new performance I choose:
PART 01 - DRUM VOICE (MOX arpeggio)
PART 02 - PAD’S VOICE (no arpeggio)
PART 03 - BASS VOICE (assign my own arpeggio).

And here’s what happens:
1. I am press key, c3 - the bass sequence played right.
2. If I play a C minor chord (PART 02 - PAD’S VOICE), the bass sequence is played very differently from how I recorded it.
3. Tried using Normal and Fixed modes - Normal mode works the same way as OrgNote. And the Fixed mode plays correctly, but (of course!) does not transpose the bass line.

What am I doing wrong?
Help me, please.

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