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Posted on: August 06, 2021 @ 09:00 PM
Total Posts:  129
Joined  12-08-2012
status: Pro

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

I have owned the following…


I on sold because I was looking for an option with portability and weighted keys and made the transition to DAW plugins.

What I ended up with? Studiologic SL73 MIDI controller weighing in at only 11kg with weighted keys.

Now I’m considering selling it as I don’t like the FATAR keybed and it has virtually no knobs/sliders or transport buttons for DAW and my trackpad for everything on MAC is annoying me. I know I could get an Arturia 88 or Komplete 88 but again they are Fatar keybeds. I’m missing Yamaha’s key feel on the 88s and I’m missing the Arps on Yammys. It would also be handy to have a board that doubles as a DAW and live performer without the need for computer. And I’m also thinking I could potentially do away with my Babyface pro as a singer songwriter because I would have key sounds through USB MIDI and I can use the audio inputs of the Yamaha for one mic input and one guitar input?

In order not to make my questions an essay long, I’ve put things I don’t know in point format. Please help on any you can. The Montage is out of the question due to its weight and 6/7 versions are out of contention due to no weighted keys. Using Cubase is out of the question for me too. I’m a Logic Pro user and dislike Cubase, sorry.

* Does the MOXF8 have much more restricted DAW control than the MOD8? I notice online a 2.5 update for the MOD8 for DAW control. Has there been any updates for the MOXF8? I really like the BHE keybed on the MOXF8 but if DAW integration with Logic is no good then it’s out of contention.

* The MODX appears to have only 4 sliders so in Logic will these 4 sliders only give me control of 4 tracks in mix mode for volume control? Is there a button on the MOD8 that allows me to quickly assign these faders to the next 4 tracks in Logic without having to do the MIDI learn?

* In DAW mode, does the MODX offer track up/down buttons for Logic?

* In DAW mode, does the MODX offer buttons for bringing up the mixer page or instrument plugins on tracks in Logic?

* Is it easy to input a guitar or mic to the audio inputs and send that audio to an audio track in LOGIC for recording? Would this be able to replace my Babyface Pro? Would the audio quality be good enough? Latency?

Thanks so much to anyone who can help me on these points.

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