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Viewing topic "How to Get Notes to Fade Out [When Finger(s) Are Elevated But Sustain Pedal Is Kept Pressed Down]??"

Posted on: July 19, 2021 @ 04:02 PM
John Silas
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Joined  03-21-2021
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Hello. Is there a way to make the notes fade out [when finger(s) is lifted but sustain pedal is kept pressed down]? That’s how it is on my Yamaha DGX220 keyboard. When I lift both my finger(s) and sustain pedal up, then the sound of the note disappears right away. But when I only lift my finger(s) [and sustain pedal is kept pressed down] the sound of the note(s) start to fade out (as opposed to going immediately silent). I really like this feature. But often this doesn’t happen in MOX8. When playing a voice like a horn instrument for example, the note just lingers on and on, whether I keep my finger pressed down [or] whether I elevate my finger. As long as the sustain pedal is pressed down, the note just lingers on and on. And when I elevate the sustain pedal, the note goes immediately silent (no fadeout).

Like I said, what I would like is to get the notes to linger when I keep my fingers pressed down, but to fadeout when I [elevate my finger but keep my sustain pedal pressed down].

So yeah, is there a way to get this DGX220 feature in MOX8??

If you need an audio example of what I mean, in this song you can hear in the first few notes, how the notes fade out.

Quiet Canon

The tune was recorded on the Yamaha DGX220.

Sure I could mess around with decay and sustain. If I adjust, say the decay to -3 to -6 and the sustain to -33… Once the note begins to fade out, the fadeout is too fast for my taste.
The problem also is that each note will fade out after the exact same time. Each note will behave the exact same way, in other words. That’s not what I would ideally like. I would like to be abled to hold each respective note for as long (or as short) as I would like, depending on what each respective note requires, what the improvisational mood of that moment calls for, etc.

I would like to be able to control each respective note that I play, like I am in DGX220.

Thanks for your help, in advance.

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