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Viewing topic "Using P 125 with MOXf6"

Posted on: July 12, 2021 @ 03:10 AM
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Joined  11-01-2003
status: Guru

I’m considering adding my P-125 to my live show, mainly for certain songs that really need a percussive pianistic feel beyond just the Voice. In fact, I’d rather use the Voices in my MOXF6.

So now I guess I’m talking about getting into using Master Mode, which I’ve never used for anything except Set building.

But will the P-125 interface acceptably with the MOXF6? It does NOT have MIDI input/output, only the USB type.

If not, is there any other method?

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Posted on: July 16, 2021 @ 09:31 PM
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Joined  12-17-2013
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Yea mate,

You should be able to get the Job done with a Midi Interface something like:

Your Usb cable goes into the interface, and the interface has a regular Midi out, Midi In that can interface with the MoxF

Yes you do want to use Master Mode.

Or I believe you can control the MoxF from P-125, it looks like the P 125 has a full blown midi interface.

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