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Viewing topic "FW16E Card or full version of Cubase 5???"

Posted on: August 26, 2020 @ 05:20 PM
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Joined  12-17-2013
status: Enthusiast

Both the FW16E and Full copy of Cubase 5 have just disappeared :-(
I understand the FW16E firewire card was discontinued some time ago, but I thought I would find one somewhere, and if not that maybe a full copy of Cubase 5

I currently use my Motif XF for all my serious sequencing and Midi work,
and then I transfer the 16 tracks to my Tascam DP 24 to do any audio work that needs to be done including mastering.  Ordinarily I have the time to transfer my midi tracks 1 at a time to my DP 24,its tedious and time consuming but it works.  but recently because of the COVID lockdown work has picked up for me considerably I now need to make the audio transfers between my Motif and the Tascam DP 24 a lot faster.

I thought possibly I could get a FW16E and transfer 16 tracks of audio to cubase and then grab the cubase tracks and move them directly to my Tascam DP 24.  This would save me a lot of time.  However, couldn’t find a FW16E though on Ebay or anywhere else.  I’ve been told that a full version of Cubase 5 can do batch midi export to audio.  (exporting 16 tracks all at one time to audio) and that would also accomplish my goal.

Is it a coincidence that both FW16E and Cubase 5 are MIA.  Or is it that this stuff is so old its just not available anymore?

Anybody know of sources for either one of these?

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