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Viewing topic "Motif XF ethernet connection to Macbook Air 2017 (OSx 10.15.2)"

Posted on: January 25, 2020 @ 01:40 AM
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Joined  08-04-2012
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Hi All,

I have been trying to setup a network connection between my Macbook Air and Motif XF but have not been successful so far.

I tried a direct connection using a crossover cable (this used to work fine with my Windows box) and also using a router to which the Motif XF connects with a LAN cable.

I have tried with DHCP= on/off, both options don’t work.

The Motif XF shows up in the Macbook-->Network window , but when I try to connect, it never does.

Same on the Motif side, when I use the mount command with IP or hostname of the Macbook it does not connect.

Any pointers would be really helpful.

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Posted on: January 27, 2020 @ 08:24 AM
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Joined  05-20-2009
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Maybe try this:

Derived from yomero’s Windows solution in this thread:

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