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Viewing topic "Calling songs live on stage"

Posted on: August 14, 2018 @ 01:10 PM
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Joined  08-14-2018
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35 years of gigging, 99.9% of the time with no set list. I’m tired of calling songs, repeating names, interrupting my playing so I can signal the next song (you could imagine when I’m calling “I can’t feel my face” next song, how much of an idiot I look like.)
Any one have any tricks on how to get around this? We all have ipads/androids however most don’t have cellular enabled but am thinking that’s the best way to communicate

Ideally, I’d like to click a song from a list (not type it in) and it would automatically message my bandmates through some localized wifi connection or something of the sort. Does this exist or do you have some suggestions that have worked for you.

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Posted on: August 14, 2018 @ 08:16 PM
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Welcome to the Forums.

I’ve used Set List Maker by Arlo Media since it was first introduced. I’ve also tried the Yamaha set list app but quickly cast it aside. Arlo’s app has served me well, never failing and his support of it is highly regarded. It will perform all of the features you’re seeking and a whole lot more. His Forum is very informative and will have all of the answers to any questions you may have.

I began with an iPhone 4s and an iRig Midi wired interface to run my rig. Currently I’m using an iPad air 2 with a Yamaha MD-BT01 in lieu of the interface. Works great. Always.

There is a learning curve and set up time to get it working. It’s not Plug and Play. The charm is once you have it up and running there is no more red faced frustration and your gigs are a whole lot more enjoyable. Touch the song name, your gear is lined up and everyone’s on board with what’s going on.

Check it out if you’d like and as always, if you need help, you will find it here.


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