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Viewing topic "S90ES keys in high use range/lube used"

Posted on: February 25, 2017 @ 02:58 PM
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Joined  10-17-2006
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Hi all,

I am about to take apart my “road” S90ES for the second time in its ten-year life.  The two octaves of keys above middle C have gotten to the point where they feel like I am driving a truck without power steering.  They don’t “stick” just take extra force to play.  This keyboard lives in a case in my band trailer so is subject to temp and humidity issues. It also lived for a while on my “yacht” while I lived aboard for a couple of years.

I am hoping cleaning her up again (keyboards are girls, right?) will help this.  What I need to ask:  What is the “lube” used for the keys.  I didn’t replace any last time, but this time I think I will have to as I intend to remove all old lube.

Any links for cleaning info that one has found useful?

Is there a decent substitute available at say a “Radio Shack” or similar electronics store?  Or do I have to use the internet to order?  What does one use to remove the old lube?  Just a clean rag?

Looks like I will have to use my other in-home S90ES for next weeks gigs.  I am too old and feeble to play this hard.

Thanks to all.


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