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Viewing topic "Anyone using EV ZLX-12P speakers for live performance?"

Posted on: August 04, 2016 @ 05:09 PM
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Joined  03-13-2016
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Any motifators using these Electro Voice speakers for live amplification? I’m talking more so here about the use of one instead of a keyboard amp, not a monitor.

There’s some good deals on the EV ZLX powered speakers here in the UK at the moment, I am hoping to try them out at some point. The challenge I have is finding a retailer with an MOXF8 (or at least an MOXF6) and the ZLX-12P speakers in stock and not far from where I live!

I’m only looking to get one of these because I don’t have room in my house to set up a PA system with two powered speakers (it’s challenging enough in my house to find enough space for the MOXF8), also I don’t have room in the boot of the car for more than one speaker. And really a 12” one, I can’t go any bigger really.

For when my band plays gigs (we aren’t likely to just yet either as we’ve only just started/re-formed) then in most cases I’ll go through the PA and just use the ZLX-12P as a floor monitor.

There will probably be situations where I will use the ZLX-12P as a floor monitor and have the MOXF8 hooked up to the main PA in stereo. I currently rehearse with my band where the studio has a good PA and I run the MOXF8 through it in stereo but a lot of the time I can’t hear myself because of no monitor.

There are bound to be situations in the future where it’s not an option to go into the FOH PA, where I need to use it as a regular amplifier and no way am I getting a keyboard amp! All the ones I used to own back in the ‘90s were rubbish, although the last one I had (a huge great big Peavey thing) wasn’t too bad...but it weighed a ton.

Very interested in any opinions of current users of the ZLX-12P speakers on here and what they think of them for live use. Also how they compare to the Yamaha DXR-12 and the QSC K12 speakers (other than the fact these options are significantly more expensive).

One other thing I’d like to know: can these types of powered speakers be used as a keyboard amplifier when set up in the floor monitor (angled upwards) position? Or should they only be set up that way when they are being used as an on-stage monitor?

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Posted on: October 26, 2018 @ 10:46 AM
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Joined  04-01-2011
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I’m using exactly that speaker as a stage monitor.  I run my instruments through a small Mackie that sits on my Motif, then to stereo DI, then I fold back one side of the stereo pair back into the EV.  Sounds great and provides more than enough juice for rehearsal and live settings where I’ve also got a stage monitor from the house.

I listened to a number of powered speakers and landed on this one because of the balanced, even sound.  QSCs were overly bright to me, although some rave about them.  I listened to Yamaha, Mackie and a couple of others.  The EV was by far my favorite, although the Yamaha was also nice.

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