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Viewing topic "Soft synths on Linux/Raspberry Pi tutorial"

Posted on: March 24, 2016 @ 01:27 PM
Total Posts:  63
Joined  11-16-2013
status: Experienced

Hi folks --

Thought I would try Raspberry Pi 2 (quad-core ARM) as a soft synth engine. Cheap fun at $40 for the processor board! I wrote up a series of articles that amount to a “getting started with soft synths on Linux” tutorial. Here are the links:

Get started with Raspbian Jessie and Raspberry Pi 2

Get started: Linux ALSA and JACK

Raspberry Pi soft synthesizer: Get started

USB audio for Raspberry Pi

Qsynth and FluidSynth on Raspberry Pi: The basics

Eventually, I would like to turn the Raspberry Pi into a stand-alone soft synth host. Might scratch the itch for virtual analog and do it on the cheap!

All the best—pj

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