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Viewing topic "3 or 4 Bass sound Splits plus 12 other sounds on the ready"

Posted on: February 23, 2016 @ 11:42 PM
Total Posts:  95
Joined  12-05-2009
status: Experienced

Can anyone help. I will be using my XF7 for bass and solo or special sounds per song.


16 parts in a song or pattern ( i’m thinking this is where i need to be in reference to what mode)

4 of the parts assigned for bass. example finger bass,slap bass,fretless bass, synth bass

depending on the song i’d like to be able to choose.

the other 12 parts would include: ( which i’d also like to be able to choose per song)

brass sound that takes up 4 parts grouped together from a performance i made
tenor sax
3 different organs depending on the sound i’m looking for per song
string sound
analog brass sound

The idea is to pick and choose from these 16 sounds. I would have 1 bass sound at a time on the bottom side of keyboard,
top side of keyboard would be used for 1 of the TOP SOUNDS i listed.

The idea is to have a minimum amount of changes per song. everything would be just a few clicks away. by the way i need the bass sound on a separate output.

anybody have step by step instructions on this. I’m kinda running out of time and overloaded with work and learning songs. gotta get the sound situation comfortable so i can proceed.

Many Many thanks for reading

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